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Awareness Necklace - Gold-filled Chain

Awareness Necklace - Gold-filled Chain

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Why not wear your profound experiences and gratitude closest to your heart :)


Third Eye: Connect with the greater consciousness and spirits in the universe. Gratitude, joy, love, healing and vitality.

Lotus Flower: Greatness is already and always within you. Your beauty shines in any circumstances and brightens up those around you.

Heart: your magnetic field that constantly emits and draws powerful energy around you. Let your heart open wide and be filled with love and gratitude.

Hypoallergenic Gold filled chain 16"-17" (Extentions also available)

Third Eye: 9mmx11mm

Lotus Flower: 8mmx13mm

Heart: 6mmx6mm

Jewelry Care Instructions
• Apply all skincare products such as lotions, perfumes etc, prior to popping on your jewelry.

• Remove your pieces before showering, sunbathing, exercising and swimming.

• Prevent damage or breakage by removing your jewelry at bedtime.

• Metals may tarnish overtime during to oxidizing and natural body oils.

• Clean and polish with warm water and soft clothes and store jewelry in a sealed bag/box in a dark, cool and dry place

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